cella bistro

...decidedly different

simple food that is ingredient-driven,
seasonally inspired, artfully expressed

cella bistro is an upscale casual restaurant with an environment that focuses on subtle simplicity. The ambience reflects a relaxed attitude that pays homage to the food, spirits and service. We have created an environment where a hard day of work can be forgotten, a night at the theater can be joyfully anticipated and a repeat dining experience can feel just as exciting as the first. Our dining rooms are warm and inviting, elegant in the simplicity of their décor. Lighting is soft to create privacy and the colors calming earth tones. The beautifully appointed tile and brass rail full service bar and adjoining lounge offer a casual, communal atmosphere that invites people to linger over drinks and sample the tapas (small offerings) menu. We have tried to evoke the welcoming aura of the Italian trattorias we fell in love with in Tuscany.